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7 Factors to Consider When Choosing Roof Coating Companies

The roof is arguably the most important structure of your commercial property. It shields all other systems from nature’s elements while contributing to the overall stability of the building. Prolonged exposure to snow, sunlight, and storms can dull the roof’s appearance and weaken the structure. To keep it in top shape, you may have to plan for regular maintenance, such as a roof coating service. A well-maintained commercial roof can outlive the recommended 30-year lifespan.

Roof coating offers an excellent alternative to re-roofing or replacement. You can complete the project in a shorter timeframe at a fraction of the cost. You may need to look through different roof coating companies to find the right contractor for the job.

Here are critical factors to keep in mind when choosing the best roof coating company.

1. Experience

Roof coating is an intricate process that requires proper planning. You may need to get the right balance on aesthetics, adhesion, and longevity. Picking a company that has been in business for a long time can give you peace of mind over the completion of the project. Experienced roof painters can also provide advice on the suitable coating to use for your property. Assessing their online portfolio can help you determine if they are the right fit for the project.

2. Insurance

Roof coating may occur at dangerous heights, often on sloping gradients. Roof coating companies need to hold active general liability coverage and worker’s compensation plans. The general liability insurances protect you if the painters involuntarily damage your property during the roof coating. Worker’s compensation prevents you from becoming liable for any injuries that the technicians may sustain while working on your roof.

3. Approach to Roof Coating

You may have to think through the tiny details of your roof coating process. Substrate preparation is a massive part of it. Poor prep work results in poor outcomes. Inquire about the company’s approach to roof coating. What products will they use on your roof? Do they have the right equipment to complete the project in time? How many coats will you need to restore your roof? Understanding the approach to roof coatings can help you pick out the best contractor for the job.

4. Warranties

Roof experts estimate that a proper roof coating can last approximately five years. You can inquire if the roof coating companies provide any labor warranties to the services offered. Reputable contracts stand by the quality of their work, offering guarantees for their roof coating services. Ensure that the agreements are part of the written contract.

5. Pricing

You may need to determine the money you are willing to allocate to your roof refurbishment project. The total expenses may vary, depending on the size of your roof, product used, and labor costs. Request for multiple quotes from different roof coating companies and compare them. Find a contract that fits within your budget limits without compromising on quality.

6. Communication skills

The communication between you and your roofing contractor should be clear and concise at all times. Bad communication often results in conflicting goals during the project timeline. A reliable roofing company will provide you with an itemized quote outlining their services for the project. Communicate your expectations to them clearly when they arrive on-site for inspection or when they present an estimate to avoid misunderstandings.

7. Terms of Work

You should also look into the details of the work agreement that you are signing with a prospective contractor for roofing work. Check out the payment terms, start date, the end date of work, and warranties associated with roof coating products used for your project.

Roof coating is an excellent way to maintain the beauty and structural soundness of your exteriors. The tips above can guide you in finding the right contractor for the job. Are you searching for roof coating companies in Tucson? Contact Pamblanco Painting for a free estimate today.