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Exterior Painting Contractors in Tucson

House with exterior painting contractors service in tucson.

The purpose of hiring exterior painting contractors in Tucson like Pamblanco is to make every home or building look better. Exterior painting also protects your house from damage by water, rust, corrosion, insects, and mold.

Modern paints result in latex formulations being widely used for interior, as well as Exterior painting. That reduces post-painting cleanup, and reduces the smells associated with petroleum and polyester-based paints. Computerized paint scanners formulate new paints to match the often-faded color of existing paints. Modern paints are available in various specialized formulations that can be fade resistant, chip resistant, and odor-free to resist mold and fungi growth.

exterior painting service in tucson


Power wash surfaces to remove dirt and debris.


Stucco patch cracks, holes, or areas missing texture.


Scrape and wire brush wood trim to remove loose paint.


Caulk to seal around windows, molding, and parapet caps.


Landscaping will be pulled back from the house to reach painted surfaces and replaced after painting.


Non-painted surfaces will be masked or covered.


Exterior Painting does not begin until we have done a thorough prep job. At this point, painting can proceed using the best quality paints and applicators.


On multi-day jobs, we make sure to pack-up and pick up at the end of each day.


Before the crew packs up their equipment, we do a final walk-around to ensure all contracted areas are painted properly.


We want you to be satisfied. At the end of each job, we ask our customers to write a review to ensure that all work has been performed to meet or exceed your standards.

High Build Primer At A Painting Job Site

High Build Primer work in Tucson

Severely Cracked, Smooth Troweled Stucco Home.

Better than new exterior painting job

Better Than New.

Before Pamblanco Exterior Painting services

Before Pamblanco Exterior Painting Services.

surface conditioner applied patched and starting to prime

Surface Conditioner Applied, Patched, and Starting to prime.

After Results of Pamblanco exterior painting

Full 8-10 wet mils. 100% Acrylic

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

You get premium 100% acrylic paints

With exterior painting contractors from Pamblanco Painting, you will receive premium, low VOC, 100% acrylic paint that also contains the maximum protection against UV color fade, along with the best Tucson Painting Services!

People Also Asked

How much is the average cost of exterior painting?
Most people would prefer to hire a professional to get an exterior painting job done in Tucson. This helps them save time and makes sure the job gets done to perfection. The question we get a lot is how much will it cost? On average an exterior painting job is around $4,000 in labor and materials. This is for around 2,500 square feet, and a 2 story house. This will come out to roughly $20 to $60 an hour.
Should I paint the exterior of my house on my own?

Although most people have done some simple painting jobs on their own house, it’s best to leave the exterior painting to the professionals. To get the job done right not only will it require time and skills in the area, but tools as well. There’s a lot of things to consider when doing this type of work. The existing siding can affect how you tackle this task. A professional will come with the skill, experience, knowledge, and tools to get it done right. 

What is the best time to get exterior painting done on your house?

An exterior painting job can be tedious and difficult to do. It will also need time to let the paint dry without it being touched. This makes weather an important factor to consider. It’s best to get the exterior painting done during early summer or early fall. The reason for this is looking for the best weather. Avoiding rain is very important. Good weather day and night will allow the paint some time to cure properly.

What color is best for exterior painting when selling a house?

When selling your home, you may want to consider exterior painting. Colors play a big role in getting your home sold. Below is a list of the best colors to consider and why. 

  1. Off-White: Gives a sense of safe and steady.
  2. White: A classic everyone is familiar with.
  3. Gray: For those who want a simple color but don’t want white.
  4. Blue Gray: An option for those who want a bit of color that white and grey just don’t offer.
  5. Yellow: Evokes optimism and youthfulness.
  6. Light Blue: Gives a feeling of excitement and energy.

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