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Exterior Paint Colors that Repel Bugs

Exterior Paint colors that repel bugsSmall insects, birds, and bugs are very responsive to colors due to their limited sensory function. If you have a problem with them ingesting your outdoor spaces, you can use colors such as yellow and blue to repel them. Certain colors work better on specific bugs, so you need to know what problem you’re dealing with prior to re-painting your property exterior.

If you live in an area that has a massive problem with bugs or small insects attacking people’s property, there is an unlikely solution that can also add style to your home. For a long time, people have been using colors as a way to manipulate the behavior of animals. Our human brains have been proven to have certain phycological reactions when it recognizes specific colors, so it’s no wonder animals are also sensitive to color.

An example of this would be the long-standing practice that to get a bull agitated, you must flash some sort of red cloth in front of them. Well, you may be surprised at how effective using specific exterior paint colors are at repelling birds and insects.

If you’re interested in learning about how the use of specific colors can safeguard your property from insect infestation, continue reading to find out more.

What are Exterior Paint Colors That Repel Bugs?

It’s common knowledge that birds and insects have limited sensory capabilities. Many of them rely solely on eyesight, and even then, they don’t experience color in the same way that we do. They are very sensitive to particular colors as they are often associated with their natural predatory enemy in the wild or something similar.

Depending on the type of bug or animal that you are trying to repel, specific colors will be more effective than others. Here is a list of the best colors to use when you want to repel bugs or animals according to their species.

Best Exterior Paint Colors That Repel Bugs & birds:

  • Birds- birds hate the color white and tend to avoid it when possible—virtually all shades of white trigger danger signals in birds, which is why they tend to avoid it.
  • Bugs- shades of green and blue do not register well with birds on the UV spectrum, which causes them to avoid these colors when they see them.
  • Mosquitoes- mosquitoes can see dark colors very easily, which is why you want to choose bright colors to repel them. Colors such as yellow and white will do a much better job of deterring mosquitoes from your property.

These are the most striking colors that you can use to help repel insects, birds, and small bugs from gathering around your property.

How color affects individual animals

As we mentioned earlier, every bird and bug reacts to specific colors differently. Before being able to decide on what exterior colors you should use, you will need to figure out the type of small animal or bug that’s giving you the most trouble. This will ensure that you get effective results from painting your property’s exterior of a particular color.

Specific colors trigger an emotional response in insects and small bugs, such as fear or uncertainty. These are the type of triggers that will ensure small insects stay away from your home.

People Also Ask

What color do flies hate?

Flies seem to be really repulsed at the sight of the color yellow, so if you want to get rid of them quickly, it’s probably the best color to go with.

What colors do not attract bugs?

Some bugs can’t see full colors due to the way their eyes react to the UV spectrum. These colors are common in warmer tones such as red, yellow, and orange.

What colors are birds afraid of?

Birds are scared of colors such as black, yellow, and white as they have been known to keep birds from congregating in gardens.


You can use all of the tips and information that we’ve given you access to in this article to avoid the hassle of insects or birds dominating your home’s exterior spaces.