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How Roof Coatings Help Your Home

A roof coating is a polymer-based compound that is applied to an existing roof. Even though a roof’s lifespan is generally between 25 and 30 years, depending on the material, a roof can deteriorate faster if there is no roof coating to provide extra protection. Here is how roof coatings help your home.

1. Longer Roof Life

The primary reason for installing a roof coat is to put a protective layer on your roof. A roof coat will protect your roof from severe weather conditions like heat and hail. Heat and hail can damage your roof and reduce its lifespan. Installing a roof coating will make your roof impenetrable and increase its lifespan.

2. Save Maintenance Cost

Roof damage can lead to an abrupt need for roof repair or replacement. Applying a good roof coating will protect your roof and save you from spending money on emergency repair and replacement. If your roof has minor damages and small leaks, applying the right roof coat on will help you avoid replacing the whole roof. You will save more money by repairing your roof, instead of replacing it.

3. Compatible with Any Surface

Roof coatings are compatible with nearly any roof surface. Roof coats can treat asphalt, wood, galvanized metal, and other material to seal your roof.

4. Maintain Roof Color

Roof coatings won’t interfere with the color of your roof. They are reflective, meaning that the color of your roof will be maintained for a longer time. Roof coating reflects the fading rays of the sun away, allowing your roof to stay bright. An attractive roof will make your house appear vibrant and inviting to people.

5. Easy Installation

Another benefit of roof coating is easy installation. Roof coating is a simple and quick process. The installation process of a roof coating on your roof won’t disrupt normal activities in your home or business. Things can continue as normal while a roof coat is being installed because the installation is quiet.

If you have been undecided about roof coatings for a long time, this guide should help you make up your mind. Roof coatings are beneficial in many ways, including increasing the lifespan of your roof and decreasing maintenance costs.